Hello, and welcome to my practice!

I provide individual and family therapy for teens and adults as part of The Feeling Good Institute in Los Altos and Palo Alto, CA. 

I specialize in working with clients who are struggling with disordered eating and body image concerns, as well as other mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, relationship issues, grief, and others. My clinical orientation is based on the model of TEAM-CBT, an evidence-based, solution-focused form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy created by Psychiatrist David Burns, MD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on how our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors impact how we feel, and how we can learn identify our own problematic thought patterns. We are then able to cultivate new, more balanced ways of thinking to change the way we feel in a powerful, lasting way.

Our work together will start with a full psychosocial assessment in which I get to hear from you about your strengths, concerns, and goals for treatment. We will then work together to create a treatment plan with goals that meet your needs and fit into your life. 

I encourage you to take this courageous step, and book a free 15-minute consultation

 I look forward to working with you!